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Sam's Branch Water Reclamation Facility Clayton, NC

Sam’s Branch Water Reclamation Facility Building Package

Muter Construction is working as subcontracting partner to Thalle Construction to construct the building package for the $171M Sam’s Branch Water Reclamation Facility in Clayton, NC. The facility consists of four brick façade buildings totaling 31,513 SF and includes the Administration Building (5,419 SF), Electrical Blower Building (7,677 SF), Electrical South Building (2,533 SF) and the Thickening/Dewatering Building (15,884 SF). In addition to the four buildings, our scope includes construction of four structural steel canopies with standing seam metal roofs. The canopies to be constructed include Chemical Storage Building, UV Disinfection, RAS/WAS Pump Station and Sludge Holding Pump Station.

Five of the eight structures will be used to house equipment directly related to the reclamation process, including Chemical Storage (Chemical Storage Building), UV Disinfection (UV Disinfection), Thickening/Dewatering (Thickening/Dewatering Building), Return Activated Sludge (RAS)/Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) (RAS/WAS Pump Station) and Sludge Holding (Sludge Holding Pump Station).

Photo Credit: Town of Clayton

Thalle Construction
Clayton, NC
31,513 SF