A Woman-Owned Construction Partner

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Our team brings extensive Design-Build experience with both private and public owners. As one of the few firms that has delivered a public Design-Build project, our experience works as a benefit for your team.

Under the Design-Build delivery method, the owner contracts with a single entity for both design and construction. This process puts all phases of the project into the hands of one entity – the Design-Builder. This allows clients to gather valuable input from both the design team and the contractor during the design process. Since the contractor is involved so early, they can provide informed pricing options as well as value engineering for material selection, which can drive cost on a project.

Typically, the contract is between the owner and the contractor. The contractor hires the architect and engineers directly. This is a very collaborative approach, and the contractor will identify designers that are well-versed in the desired type of construction and who have a history of successfully teaming on similar projects. If you are looking for LEED construction, we will bring a design team that specializes in that type of design, or if you have a K-12 school district, we will partner with designers who lead the industry in educational space planning.