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Preconstruction + Estimating

Anticipating the unexpected and planning for it early. That’s the key to a successful construction project. One that stays within budget and on schedule.

Our team addresses issues before breaking ground to ensure your project succeeds from day one. Strong partnerships and successful projects begin with our team actively listening to fully understand your needs and the needs of your end-users. With in-house preconstruction expertise and in-depth operations knowledge, we bring workable solutions to the table to find a way. Every time. Our successful track record and experience illustrate an unwavering commitment to ensuring your needs drive every decision. Our collaborative approach means working hand-in-hand with you, the design team members and our trusted trade partners to ensure a smooth transition from preconstruction to field operations.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a multiple-step process aimed at increasing value. We concentrate on maximizing the function of the project while minimizing the cost, to generate the most savings for you. Working with you and the design team, we will lead value engineering exercises and workshops where we will:

Constructability Review

During constructability review, our preconstruction team performs a detailed review of the documents, plans and specifications to determine if there are any issues that may negatively impact construction, schedule or budget. We will thoroughly review the documents from all stakeholder views, including the contractor, inspector and construction manager. This process will overlap with our Bidability Review where the bid schedule is compared against the plans and specifications to ensure the correct bid item breakdown, appropriate choice of lump-sum rather than unit prices, and accurate bid descriptions.

Our constructability review process ensures that trade contractors can complete work efficiently without seeking excessive clarifications; inspectors can readily locate building requirements, determine how quality will be assessed and how to measure payment for work put in place; and that we are well-positioned to ensure the project remains on schedule, within budget, and delivered with exceptional quality.

Additional preconstruction services include: