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Muter Construction draws from 100+ years of combined expertise in both the hard bid and negotiated markets. That means you get the most accurate pricing available.

In the design-bid-build delivery method, the general contractor is hired after the owner has finalized a design. Private owners may opt to either negotiate with a general contractor or bid the project, whereas a public owner is often required to publicly bid a project, awarding the project to the general contractor with the lowest price or bid. This is the process most public procurement departments and project delivery teams are familiar with.

This method includes three separate phases: design, bidding and construction. The design phase begins with the owner hiring an architect to design the facility. While designing the new facility, the designer prepares the required drawings and specifications needed to complete the construction. Once the design is completed, the project is either open for bids, or the owner will enter into a price negotiation with a general contractor. 

During the bidding phase, general contractors review the construction documents, consult ing with key trade partners and request information from the architect or engineer to clarify any questions they may have prior to submitting a bid. Each bid represents the general contractor’s best price for the project, and bids for the same project can vary greatly. Once the winning bid has been selected, the construction phase begins, and the general contractor’s team begins construction.

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