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Celebrating Success at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Morehead Labs

A long-overdue celebration for our UNC-Chapel Hill Morehead Labs team! A super complicated, difficult, and time-sensitive project in an occupied building on campus is always challenging but, wow, did our team shine all the way through! Kudos to our Muter team led by John Muter preconstruction), Brad Milne, RLA (ProjectManager), and Tanner Griswold (Superintendent). And, all kinds of thanks to the facilities ownership team at UNC-Chapel Hill who persevered through difficult decisions; our design partners at Engineered Designs, Inc. who were ALWAYS willing to think outside the box; our trade partners at Watco and JC Electric who brought their A-game every single day; and to our end-users-those super-smart chemistry folks who had lots of grace and patience with construction activities and who always kept student needs top of mind. These folks never once dropped the ball. An absolute honor to call these people partners AND friends!

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