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Safety First. Always.

As a privately held, family-owned company safety is real to us. We know every single person who works with us and their families. Keeping them safe is a monumental responsibility that we take very seriously.

Providing a safe working environment is an absolute priority at Muter Construction. We believe that safety is everyone’s personal responsibility and hold each of our team members and trade partners accountable for ensuring a safe job site. That’s why our Safety Program is built from the ground up. Safety begins with our field operations team, is fully supported by our Corporate Safety Director and Safety Coordinator and is directly empowered by Beth and John Muter.

Our Safety Department develops and implements safety initiatives designed to increase safety awareness throughout the entire organization. That includes annual training, specific task training throughout the year, routine safety inspections, and unannounced safety inspections on every job site. Our team often partners with the NC Department of Labor’s OSHA Consultative Services Bureau to provide safety oversight and training on our projects. Through the Consultative Services Agreement, our trade partners receive individualized assistance with safety and health program assessment to help them create robust safety programs within their organizations.


A hands-on Safety Program with training at its core

The Muter Safety Program includes: