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Richmond County Senior High School
Fairview Heights Elementary School
Mineral Springs Elementary School

Richmond County Schools

Muter Construction is the general contractor for this $20.7M project for Richmond County Schools which includes improvements to three schools in the district: Mineral Springs Elementary, Fairview Heights Elementary and Richmond Senior High School. Improvements to Mineral Springs includes the addition of six classrooms and associated site work. The Fairview Heights Elementary School work includes a new gymnasium addition in a stand alone structure with an efficient layout. A covered pathway will connect the gym to the south side of the school. Richmond Senior High School will add a new 28,000-SF auxiliary gymnasium which will accommodate 400 spectators with bleachers on both sides. The facility will be situated between the existing gym and the CTE Building and includes a new entry and plaza area adjacent to the existing courtyard. The high school work also includes the construction of six new classrooms.

Richmond County Schools
Richmond County, NC