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Baileywick Park Improvements Raleigh, NC
Muter Construction provided general contracting services for the Baileywick Park Improvements Raleigh, NC

Baileywick Park Improvements

Muter Construction is providing general contracting services for the improvements to Baileywick Park with an expected completion in Q1 2023. Baileywick Park covers more than 50 acres in North Raleigh and includes baseball fields, a playground, and a multi-purpose field. New construction includes an open-air multi-use pavilion; partially wooded dog park with buffer/screening planting; expanded parking and general landscape and stormwater improvements.

The new recreation structure will provide all-weather play areas for basketball and pickleball. The structure is suspended in the air on twelve columns and shrouded in translucent skin. A series of concrete site walls folds underneath, negotiating a significant change in topography. A tile-clad storage and utility “box” serves as a stage backdrop for cultural and other community events.

City of Raleigh
In Situ Studio
Raleigh, NC
20,217 sqft