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Wey Hall at App State

Appalachian State University Wey Hall Renovation

Project Description: Muter Construction is seeking to prequalify supplier and trade contractors who are interested in bidding the Wey Hall Renovation project at Appalachian State University. This project encompasses a complete renovation and modernization of the 46-year-old structure originally built in 1976. The three story, masonry veneer, steel structure consists of 54,098 GSF, and houses the Appalachian State University Department of Art. The scope includes upgrading or replacing, as required, the building’s electrical, mechanical, plumbing systems, fire alarm system, elevator, building envelope, IT infrastructure and adding a new sprinkler system. Additionally, to meet the university’s standards, an addition will be added to accommodate mechanical and electrical rooms to house new air handlers that will serve each floor and a new freight elevator hoist way and stair for egress.

Outreach Event: As a woman-owned construction firm, we are wholly committed to improving opportunities for minority, women, small and veteran business enterprises through inclusion in our projects. We will hold an Outreach Event on campus on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 11:00 am at the Belk Library (Library Instruction Room No. 026) located at 218 College Street, Boone, NC. For parties unable to attend, we will offer an option to join the meeting virtually via ZOOM at the same time.

Project Manager Contact: Bryan Braddy, (919) 404-8330

Trade Packages include: (01) Demolition (Interior); (01A) Final Clean; (01B) General Trades and Site Labor Package; (03) Cast in Place Concrete; (04) Masonry; (05) Steel Package; (06) Architectural Woodwork/Cabinets; (07) Waterproofing/Expansion Joints/Jointer Sealers/Fluid Applied Membrane; (08) Metal Panel Walls; (09) Roofing/Roofing Expansion Joints; (10) Fireproofing; (11) Door and Hardware/Toilet Partitions and Accessories; (12) Aluminum Storefronts/Windows; (13) Metal Studs/Gypsum Board/Insulation/FRP; (14) Acoustical Panel Ceilings; (15) Tiling; (15A) Flooring; (15B) Epoxy Flooring and Concrete Sealing; (16) Terrazzo Flooring; (17) Painting; (18) Dimensional Letter Signage; (19) PL Lockers; (20) Manufactured Canopies/Walkway Covers; (21) Horizontal Blinds; (22) Laboratory Casework/Metal Countertops; (26) Fire Suppression; (27) Plumbing; (28) HVAC Fixed Louvers; (29) Electrical/Communications/ Fire Alarm/Electrical Access Control; (30) Earthwork/Site Utilities; (31) Micropiles; (32) Site Concrete; (33) Unit Pavers; (34) Landscaping

Bid Package Release: April 2023

Pre-Bid Site Visit: May 16, 2023 at 10:00 am (Wey Hall 731 Rivers Street in Boone)

Bid Due Date + Time: June 6, 2023 bids are due at 1:00 pm and will be opened at 2:00 pm.

To Mail or Hand Deliver Bids:
Appalachian State University (c/o Randy Jones)
Planning, Design and Construction Facilities Annex
2458 Hwy. 105 S Boone, NC 28607

Bid Opening Location: Appalachian State University Facilities Annex Planning Design and Construction
2458 Hwy. 105 S Boone, NC 28607

Prequalified Bidders: Contact Brad Milne, RLA for a list of prequalified bidders (919) 404-8330.