Our Commitment to Subcontractors

Our commitment to our subcontracting partners:

  • We will treat you like a customer – we need your help to get work
  • We will pay you
  • We don’t shop or discount numbers/prices
  • Your subcontract will be for the exact amount of your bid
  • We don’t lie, cheat or steal
  • We make things easy and limit paperwork
  • We will treat your field employees with respect and appreciation
  • We will help you accomplish your work
  • We don’t fight and we certainly don’t litigate
  • If there is an issue, we will meet in the field and work it out
  • We do what we say we are going to do – our word means something
  • Our president, John Muter, is always available to talk with you – (919) 404-8330
  • John Muter’s number one job is to protect the reputation of our company.

Our expectations from our subcontracting partners:

  • Treat us like a customer
  • Provide us with your best number on bid day (lower than our competitors) knowing we will never ask you to lower your number
  • Provide great service
  • Do quality work – we want your best craftsmen
  • Work safely and help us to identify safety hazards on our jobsites and trades who may be working unsafely
  • Complete your work on time
  • Don’t ever lie, cheat or steal from us
  • Look for and refer opportunities to us – we have to help each other
  • If you feel that any of these commitments are not being honored, call John Muter immediately (919) 404-8330.