Athens Drive HS Athletic Facilities Improvements

Raleigh, North Carolina

This project consists of a new stadium and support facilities, and renovations to the existing stadium. The new upgraded stadium will incorporate toilet/concessions building, ticket booth, pressbox, storage building, stadium grandstands and bleachers. New site work will include parking additions, grassing and replacing the baseball ball fields fencing. The parking lot additions include over 140 new parking spots for students. The type of construction is bearing wall masonry with wood roof trusses and standing seam metal roofs. Finishes include, painted concrete block, a combination of exposed concrete and hard tile following, and painted drywall ceilings.

Athens Drive HS Stadium has not conducted any improvements to their stadium in over 30 years. Athens High Athletics Program promotes interscholastic athletics that provide lifelong learning experiences to student-athletes while enhancing their achievement of educational goals.