Existing Muter Office Renovation- 100 N. Arendell Avenue

Though work is wrapping up on Muter Construction’s new office at 111 E. Vance Street, exterior renovations have just begun on the existing office. Because these two structures are adjacent to each other, John asked Louis Cherry Architects come up with a design that would honor the historic building’s heritage while creating a cohesive appearance.

Built in 1920, the building housed People’s Bank & Trust Co. The original bank vault, patented in 1890, remains as a beautiful focal point for guests who walk through the door. They often comment on the intricate metal detailing and craftsmanship, which are a hallmark of that era.

The first order of business was a roof replacement & removal of some out-dated “faux granite” metal siding on the south side of the building. As with any renovation, there were some surprises when work began. It was initially believed that the exterior walls were entirely brick beneath the siding. Much to everyone’s disappointment, this was not the case. A previous building addition utilized both brick & CMU. As you can see below, a creative solution to this problem will be implemented. We also discovered several windows which had been bricked up. Four of these openings will be restored to their original use.

We are all eagar to see the end results!



After Siding Was Removed

Historic Bank Vault To Remain