The New Muter Construction Office

The renovations to the “new” Muter Office Building at 111 Vance St are nearing completion.   Originally, this building housed the fire department, police station and jail.  Later it housed town offices.

From the beginning of the project, John Muter wanted to maintain some of that history, while modernizing the building for practical use.  John looked to his friends in the architectural community in his search for someone who could bring his vision to life. He eventually selected Louis Cherry Architects, with whom John has partnered on other design-build projects.

Large bay doors are now installed prominently in the front of the building, honoring the heroic heritage of the Zebulon Fire Department. Upon completion, we believe this design will have the unique effect of balancing modern architectural elements with a respectful nod to Zebulon’s heritage.

Historical Photo:


In Progress: