PreConstruction Services

Preconstruction is integral to successful project delivery and at Muter Construction, we take pride in our long history of successfully advocating for owners during this process. Involving Muter Construction early in the design phase allows for a more comprehensive project plan.

Our preconstruction services include conceptualizing each aspect of the project:

  • Budget-based input
  • Site evaluation
  • Risk analysis
  • Project estimate
  • Detailed schedule
  • Estimates at 35% drawings
  • Innovative software
  • Incorporation of current market data.

At the conclusion of the preconstruction phase, we will have developed a project plan utilizing the most advantageous and effective ways to execute your project. As the owner, you will recognize how the project will appear, the schedule, and how the facility will ultimately function. Additional costs incurred from Requests for Information (RFIs) and change orders after the start of construction will be minimized, allowing your project to move forward without lost time for unresolved issues or unrecognized budget constraints.